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We love gymnastics!

At Sagamore Academy of Gymnastics, we are dedicated to
helping all students reach their potential, both physically
and mentally, through the sport of gymnastics. We create
an environment that cultivates listening skills, confidence,
self-esteem, self-discipline, and responsibility. At Sagamore,
we build strong character and produce top quality athletes
by giving each student our very best.

Our facility is fully equipped with the best gymnastics
equipment and staff, and we are uncompromisingly
committed to providing a safe and fun environment for
every athlete, regardless of skill level. At Sagamore, all
students feel great about their accomplishments.

Outstanding experience.

Your child's favorite day of the the week will be the one they
spend at Sagamore. Since 2013, we have quickly become
known as a family friendly, high quality program that kids love
and parents trust. Our 10,000 square foot facility is air
conditioned, and meticulously cleaned and sterilized. We
maintain a maximum student teacher ratio of 8 to 1 to facilitate
individualized learning and attention.

Meet our staff, a team of
passionate experts.

We are a passionate team of highly trained gymnasts, cheerleaders,
dancers, and physical fitness experts. We also have USAG safety
and risk management certified staff, along with licensed EMTs,
athletic trainers and CPR certified coaches and all have gone
through extensive background checks. Many of our coaches are
former students who loved the Sagamore family so much that they
decided to stay with us and transition from student to coach.

Coach Kat

Coach Kat holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Early
Childhood Education from New York
University. Coach Kat’s amazing personality
and athletic ability has made her a treasured
member of Sagamore’s staff since 2014.

Coach Lacey

As a lifelong Gymnast and Collegiate
Cheerleader, Coach Lacey fulfilled a dream
when she founded Sagamore Gymnastics in
2013. Today, Coach Lacey is most proud of
Sagamore's impeccable reputation and for
being known as a place that kids love and
parents trust.

Coach Sprinkle

Coach Sprinkle is an accomplished USAIGC
Gymnast and Cheerleader. Coach Sprinkle
has been a cherished member of Sagamore's
competitive Team from 2014 to 2020 and is
now a beloved Coach at Sagamore.

  • Coach Michelle

    Leads Pre-Team and
    is best known for
    her positive attiude
    and great
    communication skills.

  • Coach Makayla

    A former gymnast
    who loves working
    with children and
    helping to develop
    their gymnastics
    and character.

  • Coach Amy

    A talented aerialist
    who understands the
    importance of making
    the right shape at the
    right time. Amy
    coaches our team girls
    with enthusiasm and

  • Coach Joe

    Uses his expert
    understanding of
    bio-mechanics to
    teach the technical
    aspects of each
    gymnastics skill.

  • Coach Linda

    Best known for her
    hands on Mommy &
    Me instruction,
    leading our Girls
    Gym, and Ninja

  • Coach Lauren

    Coach Lauren is best
    known for her bright
    smile and patience.
    She was an original
    student of Coach
    Lacey's and switched
    over to coaching.

  • Coach Kyle

    A former college
    football player who
    also competed in
    all-star cheerleading
    after college, Kyle
    is known for his
    enthusiasm and
    youthful spirit.

  • Coach Gabi

    A former USAG
    gymnast who runs
    marathons and
    enjoys anything
    fitness related.

  • Coach Meg O

    Coach Meg is a
    licensed EMT,
    trained dancer and
    gymnastics instructor.

  • Coach Meg G

    Having been on staff
    at Sagamore for
    almost four years,
    Coach Meg is a pro
    with Pre-Team,
    Copper, and many
    of our other classes.

"I can't even begin to explain
how special Sagamore is. You
have made our daughter not
only a gymnast but a confident
happy girl. She loves coming
to Sagamore, it is truly her
happy place!"
Alyse W, Syosset

Interested in joining the
Sagamore family? All ages,
genders, and skill levels
are welcome.

Sagamore is conveniently located at 165 Eileen Way in Syosset
off of Jericho Turnpike. Whatever your child’s time commitment
or skill level, we have classes for everyone. The best way to get
started is to view our class schedule and register online. Have a
question? email us or call (516) 584 4157.

Interested in joining our coaching staff? Call or email us today.


  • "Our family loves Sagamore! We have two
    daughters (5 & 8) in the program and our
    son (9) recently joined the ninja program.
    The vibe at Sagamore is remarkable. The
    staff does a fantastic job building up the
    kids and teaching them things that go
    well beyond gymnastics."

    — Leslie Feingold star

  • "You won't find a better place on Long
    Island. As a parent who has been part of
    a few different gymnastic facilities,
    Sagamore has - by far - been the best. The
    atmosphere is fun and relaxed. The coaches
    are very caring and knowledgeable. It's a
    fun and enjoyable experience for beginners
    that fosters continued interest and
    participation in gymnastics. It's also fun and
    competitive for the more experienced
    members. The coaches take the best
    approach to develop each child based on
    their ability and help them meet and exceed
    their individual goals. You'll be welcomed
    with open arms - and it's genuine."

    — JR Baughman star

  • "My daughters both go to this gym. We
    tried two others before we finally felt like
    we were "home". The gymnastics teachers
    are all top notch and excellent with the kids
    (mine are 5 and 2). We look forward to
    staying with Sagamore for many years to

    — Kristen Bonell star

  • "Our two daughters have been enrolled at
    Sagamore for two years. They love it, and
    we love it. Our girls favorite days of the
    week is at gymnastics. What I love besides
    that my kids are happy is that the coaches
    and staff treat our kids like their own."

    — Howard and Amy Rehm star

  • "My daughter has been on Team for 4 years and she absolutely loves it! The greatest coaches are here! Great atmosphere and a bright and clean facility. Staff is friendly and helpful. We visited a few gyms in the area before coming to sagamore and no one else compares. They also have ninja for my son!"

    — Dara Schwartz star